WILD LIFE in the NORTH HILLS, OAKLAND, CA: Fungi, Lichens, Molds, etc.

As with all photos in this website, identifications are subject to scrutiny and possible revision by experts. SOME FUNGI ARE POISONOUS. Unless you are an expert and know for sure what is safe, DON'T EAT, or let your pets eat, wild mushrooms. To learn more about local mushrooms, contact the Bay Area Mycological Society or visit their website: www.bayareamushrooms.org/. A wonderful online resource for photographs and descriptions of the mushrooms and other fungi of California is: www.mykoweb.com/. NOTE TO PHOTOGRAPHERS: it will help with identification if you can supply pictures of the stem and gills in addition to the cap; and, if you can, give an estimate of the size of the cap, and something about the substrate, e.g. "in chips," "under redwood tree," or "on felled eucalyptus log."


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