Flora and Fauna of Claremont Canyon, Oakland, California

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1. Pictures should be of species growing in the wild - no pets, horticultural specimens, or things planted in people's yards.

2. Pictures must be taken in the Claremont Canyon watershed, as opposed to taken elsewhere of a species known/believed to occur in Claremont Canyon).

3. For plants, California natives are my main interest; but I do want to document everything growing here. I have included an album showing invasive exotics, so people can see what not to plant.

4. Pictures of whole plants, branches, leaves, flowers, berries, acorns, seeds, galls, etc. are welcome. I prefer that pictures be sent to me as they come out of the camera. (No doctoring or adjusting without prior consultation.)

5. For each picture submitted, supply the following information: identification of content, date and place (for plants, at a minimum: north/south-facing slope) the picture was taken, name and contact information for photographer. Please be sure the date and time in your camera's settings are accurate. I am happy to scan slides and prints, and return the originals to the owner.

6. Sad experience has shown that many cell-phone photos lack the megapixels to make a good close-up photo. Even if the photo looks okay on your 2x3" screen, it may not be suitable for display on a larger monitor.

7. Identifications are subject to scrutiny (and possible revision) by people more knowledgeable than the compiler.

8. Photographs included in the web galleries remain the property of the photographer. For purposes of this website only, the site owner retains the right to rename, resize, crop, and make minor adjustments to any photo posted.



Paraphrased from Using the Photos in CalPhotos.

Many individuals have contributed photographs to these galleries. Please be aware that the various contributors maintain copyright and also dictate usage of their own images.

Thumbnails can be used without prior permission under the Fair Use provisions of the Copyright Law of the United States as long as you include the proper credit for the photo. In general, Fair Use means that a small thumbnail photo that you find on a website can be downloaded and saved for personal or educational use without asking permission first or paying a licensing fee. Fair Use does not apply to images that are larger than a thumbnail or to any text information that goes with the photo. Fair Use also does not apply to commercial use or to any use that might affect the value of or the market for the original photo. If you are in doubt as to whether your use would be considered Fair Use, please check with the person that contributed the photo.

Fair Use does not cover the images that are larger than the thumbnail size, i.e. larger than 194x130 pixels. To use any of those photos, you will need to obtain permission first from the person that contributed the photo. Some contributors allow some kinds of uses without advanced permission but you must verify this first.

This applies to downloading and saving the image on your own computer, as well as including a link on your web page that results in the image being displayed on your page.



The following people contributed photographs to the galleries:

Valerie Acton, Marie Alberti, Darlene Alford, John Allen, Tamia Marg Anderson, Thomas R. Anderson, Russ Aubry, Lee Aurich, Devron Averett, Sharon Beals, Pat Bacchetti, Janis Barbour, Scott Beamer, Ronald Berman, Susan Blumstein, John Bongiovanni, Fred Booker, Ben Bowen, Bob Brodersen, Shelagh Brodersen, Carolyn Burgess, Ken Cheetham, Ariel Chernowsky, Warren Chick, Bob Chilvers, Bill Clark, David Clayton, Terry Coddington, John Colbert, Hillary Conlon, Alexandra Cons, Rabia Cons, Bann Covington, Anne Martinelli Cyr, Diana Dawson, John Diskon, Eileen Dolan, Laura Ducharme, John Eastman, Tula Economou, Justin Falco, Karen Feldman, Marc or Vallery Feldman, Robert Felton, Sara Fleisig, Teale Fristoe, Pat Galvin, Fritz Geier, Valerie Geier, Obie Gilkerson, Ann Glucroft, Marilyn Goldhaber, Steve Goldman, Charles Goodman, Dan Grassetti, Richard Grassetti, Caryn or Rob Gregg, Coleman or Dana Gross, Carmen Guerra, Barbara Hamrick, Jeff Harrow, Steve Hawes, Marti Hearst, Derek Heins, Jim Heldman, Bill Hill, Martin Holden, Walker Holden, John Hovland, M. John Hovland, Mark Humbert, April Isaacson, Don Jacobus, Karla Jenson, Henry Kaiser, Donna Karch, William Kasoff, Jon Kaufman, Quintin Kermeen, Tom Klatt, Michael Kovac, Julie Lacy, Toby Lawson, Nancy Lane, Casey Ledor, Alik Lee, Bob Lewis, Nikko Lindley, Ken Lipman, Kay Loughman, Wm. D. Loughman, Tom Luten, Robert MacConnell, Howard Matis, Thom Matson, Bill McClung, Elaine McGee, Joan Mikkelson, Susan Miller, Tom Miller, Mary Millman, Sandy Miranda, Walter Moos, Fabio Mori, Matt Morse, Marv Moss, Nancy Mueller, Lech Naumovich, Daniel Nevares, Robert Nelson, Colleen Niesen, Courtney Olsen, Neal Parish, Jamie Pedemonte, Linda Persson, Armando Picciotto, Alex Pierce, J. D. Pierce, Susan Piper, Naomi Pitcairn, Randi Plotner, Nancy Pollock, Mary Porter, Frank Price, Don Proctor, Mark Rauzon, Daniel Robbins, Jeff Robinson, Ian Rogers, Pat Rougeau, Janet Rudolph, Erica Rutherford, Ron Saxen, Dan Scarola, Cheryl Schleifer, Bill Schramer, Kevin Schwartz, Chuck Scurich, Anne Seasons, Gillian Servais, Bob Sikora, Sivaprasad, R L, Ruby Soto Cardona, Craig Spitzer, Sandy Steinman, Yuri Stevens, Karen Swaim, Rick Talcott, Tracey Taylor, Steve Teigland, Pat Thorson, Ken Tietz, Kelly Townsend, Ken-ichi Ueda, Stacie Vance, Mike Vandeman, Ani VanLynde, Lewis Voils, Nancy Voils, Sabine von Glinski, Anne Wagley, Linnea Wahl, Courtney Walker, Valerie Wayne, Lisa Weiss, Wendy Wilde, Georgia Wright, Jan Young, Shek Yu, Gena Zolotara.

For a listing of each photographer's contributions, click here [10-page PDF, updated 2/19/2024]


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